Gadgets and Gizmos a plenty!

Last week I had a work trip to Ireland, as I travel back and forth so much due to either work or family, I thought this would be a good time to show you all what I bring in my hand luggage to get me through the relatively short flight. I say relatively short because although it’s meant to be a quick hop of a journey, it’s usually delayed! Anyway – here are my must haves when trekking through the travel battlefield!

Hand Luggage

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Fat and Happy Soup

Proper Autumn is here!! I’m so delighted, I absolutely love visiting with my folks in Ireland, snuggling up in a nice pair of leggings, a massive jumper and some cosy socks with the smell of my Moms Potatoe & Leek soup wafting through the house – it’s just the best! I gave Moms soup the nickname “Fat & Happy” years ago due to the fact that it’s made with copious amounts of cream, but to be fair – on a cold/wet/windy/snowy day, nothing tastes better than this!!

Potatoe and Leek

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I’ve lost my camera!! I’m devastated!! Himself is convinced it’s just hiding in some part of the abode after my latest spring clean marathon, I’m going to do a big search this weekend for it, keep your fingers crossed for me please! and forgive these photos for their poorer quality – my wee iphone did the best she could!!

Bad Boys

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To Oscar

On Monday evening, world renowned fashion designer Oscar de la Renta passed away aged 82. His loss will be felt, not only by his family and friends, but by those who are in the fashion industry, who follow politics, red carpet outfits, persons who wear his designs with pride each and every day as well as many, many more.

Oscar de la Renta

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